About Me / Review Policy

The name’s Jaime.  That’s I before M, 5 letters, no Ys.  And, I’m a girl.  Yes, I have to spell it often. Live in Christiansburg, VA.  Born in 1978, married, one son, two cats (Tashi and Gil).  Obsessed with books.  A lot.

Most of the books I review are my own acquisitions through purchase, swap, gift, or library borrowing.  I received many review copies in the past, and tried to remember to disclose when a book was a review copy. Regardless of the origin of the book, my reviews are my honest thoughts.  A free book does not guarantee a good review.  I include the bad with the good. These are not meant to be professional reviews, but my own opinion.  What works for me may not work for you, and vice versa.

For authors and publishers/publicists
I currently am unable to accept further requests for review. Thank you all for the wonderful books you have sent me!

Thank you for reading!