2016: The Murderer’s Daughters (Randy Susan Meyers)


This book was a tough read, not because the prose was bad, but because it’s so full of pain. When Lulu is 10 and Merry is 5, their father does the unthinkable — he kills their mother, and then tries to kill Merry and himself. Lulu is only spared because she ran for help. What follows is the never-ending aftermath of such a horrific event. Do I believe that the girls’ family could essentially abandoned

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2016: Summer Sisters (Judy Blume)


Summer Sisters wasn’t bad, but I feel like it could have been better. Vix and Caitlin have a relationship that is simple and complicated all at once. Vix just falls into it, really. Caitlin decides she likes her, and that’s all it takes. Because Caitlin always gets what she wants. She’s the wild child, Vix is her shadow. The book spends a lot of time in their teen years, which is part of its weakness.

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2016: Deep Freeze (Lisa Jackson)


I thought this was a solid piece of suspense writing, despite being a little slow in spots. The focus is on Jenna Hughes, a successful Hollywood actress who gave it all up after a professional and personal tragedy, and her two daughters. Someone is stalking her, but in a very round-about way. Not only is there a good cast of characters, from the Sheriff to the overprotective neighbor to the best friend, but the weather

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2016: Play Dead (Harlan Coben)


This was Harlan Coben’s first published novel, and he freely admits in the introduction that it’s not particularly good. And he’s right! The plot is outlandish and overly complicated, but beneath that and the sometimes cliched writing, you can see the beginnings of what Coben will become. I wish I could discuss the plot without spoiling it, but I’m really not sure how. Basically, there is a step taken that is really extreme and seems

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