2013: A Change in Format

I have a dilemma.

This blog is something I’m having difficulty keeping up with. The number of books I’ve read this year and not yet blogged about number approximately 47. And frankly, it’s not going to get any easier… I’m due to give birth at the end of January, so it’s not like I’m going to be creating more free time in my future!

But! I still want to keep track of the books I’m reading. Not only is it essential for my own reference, I think it’s a good exercise for paying attention to what I’m reading.

So what’s a girl to do?

I think what I’m going to try, once I get my backlog posted, is a once-a-week wrap-up post that contains mini-reviews of anything I finished that week. Hopefully without a giant backlog hanging over my head, I can keep up with things. Also, part of what weighs me down is all of the other, well, crap, I post along with my impressions of the book: summary, page count, publisher, etc. You know, all of the stuff that you can look up yourself in about 30 seconds. Often the thought of looking up and formatting all of that, even with the help of a plug-in, makes me really, really tired. Not to mention the amount of time it adds to the crafting of the post.

Plus, maybe it will give me more time to post adorable baby pictures 🙂

My backlog will also be posted in batches, or else I’ll never catch up before the end of the year.

Fun fact: Since I got pregnant, except for the occasional book club read, I have only read romance novels — either contemporary, paranormal, or romantic suspense. Not sure what the logic is behind that, but I’ve sure plowed through some Nora Roberts books!

One thought on “2013: A Change in Format

  • November 19, 2013 at 9:01 am

    It seems a lot of people are making changes with their blogs right now. I know I’ve cut back to 5 days a week and it feels very freeing. Do what works for you as long as you post those baby pictures!!


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