2012: #12 – Dogs and Goddesses (Jennifer Crusie, Lani Diane Rich, & Anne Stuart)

Title: Dogs and Goddesses Author: Jennifer Crusie, Anne Stuart, Lani Diane Rich Format: Mass market paperback Pages: 400 (2012 total – 3,120) Approx. Word Count: 100,000 (2012 total – 870,504) Release Date: February 03, 2009 Publisher: St. Martin’s Paperbacks Categories: paranormal romance Source: personal copy Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Back of the book: Abby has just arrived in Summerville, Ohio, with her placid Newfoundland,

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2010: #97 – Don't Look Down (Jennifer Crusie & Bob Mayer)

SHE is a director of dog food commercials who’s just been recruited to finish a four-day movie shoot. But as soon as Lucy Armstrong arrives on set, she discovers that the staff is in chaos, the make-up artist is suicidal, and the stunt director just happens to be her ex-husband. That, and the temperamental lead actor has just acquired as an advisor a Green Beret who has the aggravating habit of always being right.

HE thought that hiring on as a military consultant for a movie star was a to-die-for deal: easy work, easy money, easier starlets. But his first day on the job, Captain J.T. Wilder ends up babysitting a bumbling comedian, dodging low-flying helicopters, and trying to find out who’s taking “shooting a movie” much too literally.

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2010: #72 – Tell Me Lies (Jennifer Crusie)

If you think small-town life can be boring–think again. There are complex social rules: there are certain people with whom you fraternize and those you don’t, and, of course, there is the all-powerful gossip. Everyone knows everything about everyone else. Don’t they? That’s what Maddie Farraday thinks until she finds a pair of black crotchless panties in her husband’s car that don’t belong to her. That’s it; Maddie’s had it. She’s ready for change, and the first thing she’s going to do is divorce her no-good, philandering husband Brent. But then everything goes haywire: Brent turns up dead, Maddie’s daughter wants a dog, her best friend is suddenly acting very strange, and Maddie’s secret boyhood crush, bad boy C. L. Sturgis, arrives in town after a 20-year hiatus–and he’s as sexy as ever. You may laugh out loud at the wild and crazy antics in Jennifer Crusie’s exceptional novel, but you’ll exclaim with delight over the sizzling, dynamic, passionate affair between Maddie and her first love, C. L.

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