2007: #23 – Op-Center (Tom Clancy)

opcenter.gifBook #23 was Op-Center, the first book in Tom Clancy’s Op-Center series. The back of the book reads:

Op-Center is a beating heart of defense, intelligence, and crisis management technology. It is run by a crack team of operatives both within its won walls and out in the field. And when a job is too dirty, or too dangerous, Op-Center is the only place out government can turn.

This book focuses on a terrorist attack in South Korea and its aftermath, especially concerning the US’s involvement. There’s a lot of politics involved, and it struck me that a lot of what’s said about the President in this book could be said about our current President. Interesting, since this book was written in 1995 or so.

Nothing outstanding about this, but it’s a decent entry in the espionage/intrigue genre.

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