2007: #34 – The Lucky Ones (Rachel Cusk)

Book #34 was The Lucky Ones by Rachel Cusk. The back of the book reads:

A young pregnant mother wrestles with an utterly changed life; a new father searches for a sign of the man he used to be; a daughter yearns for a lost childhood; and a mother reaches out in bewilderment to a child she can’t fully understand. A rare novel that illuminates “the bustling concourses of life” without sacrificing emotional depth and complexity, The Lucky Ones confirms Rachel Cusk’s place among our most incisive writers.

I didn’t get this. What I saw here was 5 loosely interconnected stories about some very unhappy people. I didn’t see the “luck” anywhere. I’m kind of sorry I read this, for it was rather depressing and I don’t think it said anything good about children at all. I’m glad it was short so I didn’t waste more than a day on it.

Page count: 228 | Word count: 69,024

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