2006: #79 – The Mermaid Chair (Sue Monk Kidd)

The Mermaid Chair Book Cover The Mermaid Chair
Sue Monk Kidd
General Fiction

Sue Monk Kidd's phenomenal debut, The Secret Life of Bees, became a runaway bestseller that is still on the New York Times bestseller list more than two years after its paperback publication. Now, in her luminous new novel, Kidd has woven a transcendent tale that will thrill her legion of fans. Telling the story of Jessie Sullivan - a love story between a woman and a monk, a woman and her husband, and ultimately a woman and her own soul - Kidd charts a journey of awakening and self-discovery illuminated with a brilliance that only a writer of her ability could conjure..

Book #79 was The Mermaid Chair, by Sue Monk Kidd.

I’ve heard a lot about Sue Monk Kidd, but hadn’t read anything she’d written yet. As far as this book goes, it was merely alright. I didn’t completely like or relate with the main character. In fact, I liked the monk better, and would have prefered if the story was more about him! I felt bad for Hugh through the whole book. I’ll probably still read The Secret Life of Bees at some point, but I was underwhelmed by The Mermaid Chair.

Book count: 79
Pages in book: 352
Page count: 33,695
Words in book: 90,324

Word count: 9,982,771

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