2007: #4 – Agnes of God (Leonore Fleisher)

Book #4 was Agnes of God by Leonore Fleisher. The back of the book reads:


The headlines made it seem so simple. A nun. A dead baby. An arrest. And now, if the court-appointed psychiatrist found her sane, a long, sensational trial.

But Dr. Martha Livingston knew it was more complicated than that. How did you judge a twenty-one year old girl who wasn’t sure where babies came from? Who didn’t even remember having one…or what had happened to it?

Especially when a strong-willed Mother Superior is battling you every step of the way–and your own searing memories of a similar tragedy threaten to make you use whatever objectivity you still possess…

I didn’t realize this started out as a play and then a movie. It was a book from a box that my dad had given me, so I thought I’d give it a shot.

It was decent, but nothing spectacular. It felt rather like a Law & Order episode to me, and was probably short enough to actually be one. I was a little disappointed that one of the major mysteries was never solved.

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