2007: #53 – Mimosa Grove (Dinah McCall)

Book #53 was Mimosa Grove by Dinah McCall. The back of the book reads:

Laurel Scanlon has the gift of sight, an ability passed down to the eldest daughter of each generation. It is this gift — or curse, perhaps — that drove her own mother mad and has left Laurel unwilling to trust in love . . .except in her dreams.

Anxious for a new beginning, she decides to retreat to Mimosa Grove, an old estate outside Bayou Jean, Louisiana. Mimosa Grove belongs to Laurel now, bequeathed by her maternal grandmother. Laurel feels the history and tragedy here, and amidst primeval beauty she senses something . . .unfinished. Folks here know about her grandmother’s gift and treat Laurel with the same reverence — especially when she is able to help the police find a missing girl. It is then that she sees Justin Bouvier — stranger, soul mate, the man who haunts her dreams.

But there is danger here in Mimosa Grove, not from the restless past, but from the deadly present. Laurel must be willing to trust her gift, her love for Justin and, most of all, herself, to stop tragedy and history from repeating themselves.

This was good for modern romance/supernatural/suspense book. It’s the second of McCall’s I’ve read, and the second with a woman with “the sight”. Is that a trend with her? Anyway, the suspense part was decent, and I even bought into Laurel and Justin’s psychic connection and immediate intimacy.

Page count: 376 | Approximate word count: 82,946

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