2008: #13 – Midnight Rain (Holly Lisle)

14530029.JPG Book #13 was Midnight Rain by Holly Lisle. The back of the book reads:

Phoebe Rain’s sadistic ex-husband lies in a coma a thousand miles away-a coma she put him the last time he tried to kill her. Yet Phoebe knows the voice on the other end of the line belongs to the twisted man who vowed he’d never let her get away. Panicked, she turns to her neighbor, Dr. Alan MacKerrie. Alan finds the story hard to believe himself, but now he, too, is receiving chilling, ghostly warnings of danger. Caught between icy terror and mounting passion for Alan, Phoebe knows there’s no escape.

This was a lot better than I was expecting! I didn’t know much about this author, but I would definitely read another book by her. I was quickly sucked into Phoebe’s story and found myself rooting for her even when no one else was. There’s just a little taste of the supernatural here, but enough to require some suspension of disbelief.

Page count: 325 | Word count: 100,830

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