2012: Relatively Back to Normal

Well! That was exciting.

I discovered earlier this week that my web site had been hacked, and some malicious code added. Bonkers! I immediately started working to close the security hole, but along the way I realized that my web host was no longer adequate for my needs. Nothing against it — the host was an acquaintance who has let me freeload on his space for YEARS — but I needed something a bit more robust.

So, I’ve begun the process of moving my entire online presence to a new web host. NameCheap, if you’re curious.

I think I’ve got things here relatively back to normal. I haven’t been able to check my old posts yet to see how the images are, but I’ll get around to it. I’ll also probably be implementing a new theme, because why not? I’m changing everything else!

Hopefully there will be less excitement next week and I can get back to posting some actual reviews…

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