2006: #110 – A Woman Without Lies (Elizabeth Lowell)

woman.gifBook #110 was A Woman Without Lies by Elizabeth Lowell. The back of the book reads:

An artist in glass and light, Angel once loved with sweetness and fire. Then she learned the pain of irretrievable loss — the sad and sudden permanence of death.

Miles Hawkins has known only hatred and betrayal from women. Scarred and embittered, Hawk became a solitary, distant man — vowing never to let himself trust a woman again.

When Angel and Hawk first meet, they misjudge and hurt each other badly. But Angel is willing to risk what proud, silent Hawk cannot. Gently she brings truth and love to a tormented soul who believes in neither…though she fears in her heart that, by loving Hawk, she will surely lose him.

I have a hard time reviewing romances because I really don’t read them that often. One thing I noticed about this book is that it started exactly how the other Elizabeth Lowell book I’ve read started: The main man and woman meet each other right off the bat and hate each other but have instant chemistry. This was alright I guess, as far as romances go. I got a little tired of the constant references to one being an angel and the other a hawk.

Book count: 110 | Page count: 380 | Word count: 76,688

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