2007: #106 – Lifeguard (James Patterson)

Book #106 was Lifeguard by James Patterson. The back of the book reads:

Working as a lifeguard in a posh Florida resort, Ned Kelley finds the woman of his dreams. The only thing he needs is money. So when his friends offer to cut him into a deal that promises $1,000,000 each, how can he turn it down? The plan is simplea fast break-and-enter to grab paintings from a rich collector. But on the night of the heist, theyre double-crossed. Worse, Neds friends are brutally executed. Now hes the prime target of both the FBI and the killers. With no one to trust, Ned must dodge the authorities and the vicious killers in a desperate effort to avenge his friends and clear his name. Written with the astonishing velocity and hairs breadth plotting that only James Patterson can master, Lifeguard is the wildest thriller yet from one of Americas most influential authors.

This is one of Patterson’s better efforts of late. My only complaint is that I think the scheme is a little over complicated. Towards the end I felt like I needed a notebook to keep track of who was double-crossing who.

Page count: 401 | Word count: 71,763

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