2007: #107 – Dead Certain (Mariah Stewart)

Book #107 was Dead Certain, the second book in Mariah Stewart’s Dead series. The back of the book reads:

With her stalker captured, antiques dealer Amanda Crosby can finally sleep at night. Having worked hard to put the nightmare behind her, Amanda has vowed to never be a victim again. But when her business partner, Derek England, is found with a bullet through the back of his head just hours after she left an incriminating message on his voice mail, Amanda finds herself in danger of becoming a victim of another sort.

All the evidence points to Amanda as Derek’s killer, and Chief of Police Sean Mercer is building the case against her. But when another of her colleagues is found brutally murdered, it’s obvious that someone other than Amanda is behind the killings. Suddenly Amanda is a target once again, as a diabolical killer circles ever closer—and the only thing that stands between her and becoming the third and final victim is the man who had tried to put her behind bars…

This was just ok for me. I understand that the concept of the series (three guys in jail make a deal that requires each of them to kill the people another guy wants revenge on) requires that the books have similar plots, but this book just gave me a lot of deja vu. I’ll probably continue this series, but only because the 3rd bad guy is the weakest of the three and I want to see how that is handled.

Page count: 374 | Word count: 96,196

2006 – Chase (Dean Koontz)

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