2007: #26 – Full House (Janet Evanovich)

Book #26 was Full House, the first book in Janet Evanovich’s Full series. The back of the book reads:

Filled with Evanovich’s trademark style and wit, Full House is romantic suspense with a twist….Her life was pleasant, proper, and predictable– until he showed up and trouble moved in….Polo instructor Nicholas Kaharchek senses danger the minute he sees Billie Pearce. She represents everything he’s so artfully avoided. Happy in her home life, a divorced mother of two, Billie is the epitome of stability. They have nothing in common.To his horror, Nick is fascinated– and irresistibly attracted. When Billie generously offers to share her home with Nick’s crazy cousin Deedee for a while, Nick finds himself visiting– often. And while each is slowly seduced by the other’s charms, and both are wildly encouraged by devious Deedee, Billie and Nick find out that what they have in common is most important of all. But neither one knows that danger is lurking where they least expect it and a killer is closing in on them.

I enjoyed this! I expected the suddenness of the relationship between Billie and Nick to become really implausible, but strangely, it worked. I pretty much had the bad guy figured out by the end, but that doesn’t bother me in a book like this — it’s really not about the mystery.

I don’t think this series has the same charm as the Stephanie Plum series, but I think it should stand well on its own!

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