2007: #87 – Carolina Moon (Nora Roberts)

Book #87 was Carolina Moon by Nora Roberts. The back of the book reads:

Tory Bodeen grew up in a small, rundown house where her father ruled with an iron fist and a leather belt – and where her dreams and talents had no room to flourish. But she had Hope – who lived in the big house, just a short skip away, and whose friendship allowed Tory to be something she wasn’t allowed to be at home: a child.

After young Hope’s brutal murder, unsolved to this day, Tory’s life began to fall apart. And now, as she returns to the tiny town of Progress, South Carolina, with plans to settle in and open a stylish home-design shop, she is determined to find a measure of peace and free herself from the haunting visions of that terrible night. As she forges a new bond with Cade Lavelle – Hope’s older brother and the heir to the Lavelle fortune – she isn’t sure whether the tragic loss they share will unite them or drive them apart. But she is willing to open her heart, just a little, and try.

But living so close to unhappy memories will be more difficult and frightening than she ever expected. Because the killer of Hope is nearby as well.

This book had its ups and downs, but I have to say it was mostly ups. I thought I had it all figured out very early, but Nora surprised me! Though sometimes I think her climaxes are over a little too quickly (no pun intended). I am a little tired of the couples in these romance novels deciding to get married in what seems like seconds after they connect. I guess that’s supposed to be romantic.

Page count: 470 | Word count: 152,109

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