2007: #90 – Sacred and Profane (Faye Kellerman)

Book #90 was Sacred and Profane, the second book in Faye Kellerman’s Peter Decker and Rina Lazarus series. The back of the book reads:

Los Angeles Police Detective Peter Decker had grown very close to Rina’s young sons, Sammy and Jake, as he had to their mother, and he looked forward to spending a day of his vacation camping with the boys. A nice reprieve from the grueling work of a homicide cop-until Sammy stumbles upon a gruesome sight…

Two human skeletons, charred beyond recognition, are identified by a forensic dentist as teenage girls–and for Decker, the father of a sixteen-year-old daughter, vacation time is over. Throwing himself professionally and emotionally into the murder case, he launches a very personal investigation: a quest that pulls him deep into the crack dens of Hollywood Boulevard and painfully close to the children of the streets and a nightmare world he must make his own.

The crimes in this book are particularly heinous, which makes an interesting backdrop to Peter’s struggle with his faith (or perhaps, lack of it). I was a little surprised by the turn Peter and Rina’s relationship takes. Where the first book focused more on Rina’s point of view, this one focuses more on Peter.

Page count: 374 | Word count: 88,524

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