2008: #21 – Mirror Image (Sandra Brown)

13922379.JPGBook #21 was Mirror Image by Sandra Brown. The back of the book reads:

A jet crash handed Avery Daniels a golden opportunity. Mistaken for Carole Rutledge, the badly injured Avery has found that plastic surgery has given her Carole’s face, the famous senatorial candidate for a husband, and a powerful Texas dynasty for in-laws. She makes the shattering discovery that someone close to the senator plans to assassinate him. Now to save the life of the man she loves, Avery must live another woman’s life-and risk her own.

I had to work really hard to make peace with the premise of this book. I mean, if I found myself in Avery’s position, I certainly wouldn’t try to fake it and pretend to be Carole. If I didn’t fess up, at the least I would act like I had amnesia!

Once I got past that ridiculousness, I actually enjoyed the story. I had part of it figured out by the end, but I didn’t know who was actually going to pull the trigger or who was ultimately behind it all.

Page count: 442 | Word count: 141,882

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