2008: #47 – Never Tell (Karen Young)

14801206 Book #47 was Never Tell by Karen Young. The back of the book reads:

Haunted by the memories of an August night nine years ago when a car crash robbed her of her family, artist Erica Stewart has focused her life on her thriving Houston boutique. No one is more surprised than Erica when a new man walks into her life.

Texas born and bred, Hunter McCabe is a successful architect who is smitten the moment he meets Erica. He’s determined to pursue her — despite her efforts to keep him at a distance.

But someone is watching the dance of attraction between Erica and Hunter with growing alarm. Someone who understands the dangerous connection between Hunter’s powerful, politically connected family and the accident that shattered Erica’s life. Someone who understands that soon secrets will be revealed and lies will be exposed . . .

And that murder is the only guarantee of silence.

Since I chose this book randomly in a swap and had never heard of the author, I was pleasantly surprised! It’s a pretty standard romantic suspense story, but it was likable and entertaining. The ending wasn’t a surprise to me, but I enjoyed the journey.

Page count: 459 | Approximate word count: 114,750

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