2011: #53 – 22 Indigo Place (Sandra Brown)

indigoplaceBook #53 was 22 Indigo Place by Sandra Brown. The back of the book reads:

To beautiful Laura Nolan, the mansion on Indigo Place wasn’t just a home—it was her life’s passion. Now old family debts were forcing her to sell and, much to her surprise, James Paden was the prospective buyer. Once the high school bad boy, he’d been too dangerous to flirt with, but too gorgeous to ignore. Now he was all man, and he still had the devastating power to seduce Laura’s senses, to make her shiver with emotions she dared not confess…. He was a rebel millionaire on the wrong side of the tracks. Years ago, James Paden skipped town, leaving behind Saturday-night drag races for the thrill of the professional race circuit. He’d burned rubber in the fast lane of beautiful women and big money, but now he’s back, a millionaire tycoon with a dream—to lay claim to 22 Indigo Place and its alluring owner. In his mind Laura had always been the girl he couldn’t have, the rich man’s daughter for whom he’d never be good enough … until that moonlit night when the fierce touch of his lips branded her forever his….

This was an okay romance from Sandra Brown’s early years, but it comes from the era of romance novels where it was okay for the man to force himself upon the woman until she submitted, because he knew better than her what she really felt. It’s not the violence of rape, but it still doesn’t sit well with me and it puts a shadow over the entire story. I’m sure there are better romances out there.

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Page count: 224 (’11 total: 14,302) | Approximate word count: 56,000 (’11 total: 5,177,870)

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