2014: The reason why I suck at blogging

Maxwell Cecil

Maxwell Cecil

Yeah, so this little guy is why I can hardly read anymore, let alone pull my brain together enough to write a book review! Maxwell was born on January 28th, and is not so little anymore! Now he looks more like this:

I can’t properly express how happy I am to have him in our lives. I had a lot of difficulty getting pregnant (5 years worth of difficulty), so he feels like a little miracle. I’ve been back at work for about a month now, and I miss him terribly while I’m working. But, he has a really excellent babysitter and a couple of little girlfriends so I know he is in good hands each day. He is a really good baby, and I can’t wait until he actually shows some interest in the many books already in his library!

I have managed to finish a couple of books this year, and I hope to get my reviews up soon. Go read The Martian by Andy Weir while you’re waiting!

Bonus pictures!

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