2011: #28 – Blood Vines (Erica Spindler)

Book #28 was Blood Vines by Erica Spindler. The back of the book reads: When Alexandra Clarkson starts having terrifying visions, she thinks that her mind is playing tricks on her. But when Alex’s mother, Patsy, commits suicide without leaving behind any information, Alex is left to wonder whether she might be haunted by something from a childhood she can’t remember. Detective Daniel Reed was

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2009: #77 – Killer Takes All (Erica Spindler)

The White Rabbit beckons you to follow him, down the rabbit hole, into his world. He’s a deceiver, a trickster. You won’t know what is truth and what is a lie. He aims to best you. Beat you. And when he does, you die.

A friend’s brutal murder turns former homicide detective Stacy Killian’s life upside down. Unwilling to trust Spencer Malone, the overconfident New Orleans detective assigned to the case, Stacy is compelled to return to the investigative role she had fled.

The investigation leads Stacy and Spencer to White Rabbit, a cultish fantasy role-playing game. White Rabbit is dark, violent — and addictive. As the body count mounts, they find themselves trapped in a terrifying game that’s more real than life and death. Because anyone can die before the final moment when White Rabbit is over . . . and the killer takes all.

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2008: #81 – Last Known Victim (Erica Spindler)

Book #81 was Last Known Victim by Erica Spindler.  The back of the book reads: Captain Patti O’Shay, a by-the-books cop, is assigned to the case. But with the evidence lost to time and the elements, the heinous incident goes unsolved. The perpetrator, known only as “The Handyman,” remains at large. Two years later Patti is still haunted by her own personal tragedy—her husband and

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