2007: #100 – Fantasy Lover (Sherrilyn Kenyon)

Book #100 was Fantasy Lover, Sherrilyn Kenyon’s first Dark-Hunter novel (a prequel, really). The back of the book reads:

Dear Reader,

Being trapped in a bedroom with a woman is a grand thing. Being trapped in hundreds of bedrooms over two thousand years isn’t. And being cursed into a book as a love-slave for eternity can ruin even a Spartan warrior’s day. As a love-slave, I knew everything about women. How to touch them, how to savor them, and most of all how to pleasure them. But when I was summoned to fulfill Grace Alexander’s sexual fantasies, I found the first woman in history who saw me as a man with a tormented past. She, alone, bothered to take me out of the bedroom and into the world. She taught me to love again. But I was not born to know love. I was cursed to walk eternity alone. As a general, I had long ago accepted my sentence. Yet now I have found Grace-the one thing my wounded heart cannot survive without. Sure, love can heal all wounds, but can it break a two thousand year old curse?

— Julian of Macedon

I’m generally not much for romance, but I like the mythological/paranormal twist in these. They’re pure fluff, and very formulaic (when you read a few in a row, it’s easy to see that all the men and women act the same), but they’re fun enough to keep me reading.

Page count: 307 | Word count: 91,458

2006 – Final Target (Iris Johansen)

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