2007: #13 – Weep Not for the Vampire (William A. Veselik)

vampire.gifBook #13 was Weep Not for the Vampire by William A. Veselik. Which I find strangely appropriate. The back of the book reads:

A vampire, weary of his undead existence and haunted by his recent slaying of an innocent child, returns to his rural Virginia hometown planning to find some method of destroying himself.

He unexpectedly discovers a daughter and granddaughter he never knew he had and learns—to his horror—that one of his own kind is now preying on his grandchild.

Before he confronts the rival undead, the vampire manages to make his final peace with the wife he left behind and free them both from a love that has survived both the passage of time and the darkness of the grave.

This was pretty good. It’s a different sort of vampire story than I’m used to — the violence and sex levels are pretty low. I think it’s more about redemption than anything. The ending is pleasantly bittersweet.

Of course, I may be biased because I know the guy who wrote it .

Page count: 181 | Approximate word count: 68,600 | Filed in:

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