2007: #46 – Manhunt (Janet Evanovich)

Book #46 was Manhunt by Janet Evanovich. The back of the book reads:

A woman with a talent for numbers, Alexandra Scott wanted to escape the rat race and go someplace where the men outnumber the women. Trading in her Wall Street job and fancy condo for a rundown cabin in the woods. She’s now Alaskan Wilderness Woman. It isn’t long before she finds exactly what she’s looking for: one sexy pilot named Michael Casey. But this confirmed bachelor has no intentions of getting caught in any woman’s crosshairs—especially a hunter as appealing as Alex. It’ll take skill, determination, and a little romantic persuasion for this big-game hunter to bag her prey.

First off, Alex is a dingbat (and not like Stephanie Plum, who seems like a dingbat but is actually pretty smart). And the resolution is a little abrupt. But, the tension is good, the story is cute, and it made me laugh out loud more than once, so I give it a thumbs up.

Page count: 256 | Approximate word count: 41,939

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