2008: #2 – The Indictment (Barry Reed)

1195614 Book #2 was The Indictment by Barry Reed.  The back of the book reads:

A beautiful young woman’s corpse is found along a highway. There’s not a mark on her and an autopsy can’t determine the cause of death. Rumor says her boyfriend, a prominent surgeon, will be charged with murder….unless Dan Sheridan can stop the indictment.Once a cop, now a hard-nosed defense attorney, Sheridan knows he’s up against one of the most hostile and ambitious prosecutors in Boston. He also knows that someone has been tapping his phones. What he doesn’t know is that his new secretary, a woman he’s falling hard for, is an undercover FBI agent.Suddenly, Sheridan finds himself a pawn in a lethal game of power politics and revenge. With both his reputation and his client’s vindication on the line, he’ll fight betrayal with the one thing he has left on his side….justice. With keen insight and detail, Barry Reed depicts the seamy underside of an urban legal system in what is unquestionably his finest legal thriller yet. Full of twists and turns right up to the very end, The Indictment is a tale that crackles with electricity, and is impossible to put down.

This is not your usual quick whodunnit read. In fact, the death of the young woman is really secondary to the machinations of everyone else — the D.A.’s office, the police, the pathologists, the FBI, the defense attorneys, the IRA, etc. A good read, just very detailed. The real truth was unexpected, and as well as many of the twists at the end. However, 50 pages longer and I probably would have been tired of it and ready to move on.

Page count: 436 | Word count: 117,646

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