2008: Challenges – A-Z Reading Challenge

A~ZReadingChallenge Requirements:

  • align the author’s last name or the title of a book (excluding “the”, “a”, etc.) with its corresponding letter in the alphabet
  • enter a different book for each author and title (total of 52 books)
  • complete the alphabet lists anyway that suits your fancy
  • complete the challenge in the year 2008
  • enjoy the experience!

Join at http://a-zreadingchallenge.blogspot.com/!

Update:  I had to change some entries on the list… I had some books listed for both the author and the title, and that’s against the rules!

last updated: 9/3/08


  2. The Bone Garden (Tess Gerritsen)
  3. Caught Stealing (Charlie Huston)
  4. Dead Witch Walking (Kim Harrison)
  5. Envy (Kathryn Harrison)
  6. The Friday Night Knitting Club (Kate Jacobs)
  7. Gone (Lisa Gardner)
  8. How I Live Now (Meg Rosoff)
  9. The Ice Queen (Alice Hoffman)
  12. Lord John and the Private Matter (Diana Gabaldon)
  13. Midnight Rain (Holly Lisle)
  14. Nineteen Minutes (Jodi Picoult) 
  15. One Mississippi (Mark Childress) 
  16. Plum Lucky (Janet Evanovich)
  18. Relic (Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child)
  19. Sharp Teeth (Toby Barlow) 
  20. Triptych (Karin Slaughter)
  21. The Unlikely Spy (Daniel Silva)
  23. The Whole Truth (David Baldacci)


  2. Brown, Sandra (Mirror Image, A Treasure Worth Seeking)
  3. Clark, Mary Higgins (I Heard That Song Before)
  4. Davidson, MaryJanice (Undead and Unwed)
  5. Evanovich, Janet (Fearless Fourteen)
  6. Francis, Dick (Driving Force)
  7. Garwood, Julie (Heartbreaker)
  8. Hill, Joe (20th Century Ghosts)
  10. Johansen, Iris (Dead Aim)
  11. Kava, Alex (Whitewash)
  12. Liebman, Ron (Death by Rodrigo)
  13. Moore, Christopher (A Dirty Job
  15. O’Reilly, Bill (Those Who Trespass)
  16. Peters, Elizabeth (The Copenhagen Connection)
  17. Quick, Amanda (The Paid Companion)
  18. Rankin, Ian (Exit Music
  19. Suri, Manil (The Death of Vishnu)
  21. Unger, Lisa (Beautiful Lies)
  22. von Ditfurth, Christian (A Paragon of Virtue
  23. Wambaugh, Joseph (Hollywood Crows)
  25. Young, Karen (Never Tell)

5 thoughts on “2008: Challenges – A-Z Reading Challenge

  • July 2, 2008 at 1:12 pm

    Welcome to the A ~ Z Reading Challenge, Jaime! Glad you joined us in the fun. Happy reading and linking! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • July 2, 2008 at 5:11 pm

    It’s me again. This time I don’t have good news. When I was checking out your links, I found at least 7 books that were used for both author and title. The challenge rules are that you can only use a book once, therefore totaling 52 individual books. That’s not all that bad. The bad part is that I had to delete all your links. ๐Ÿ™ I’m so sorry. I know how much time it takes to link them, but it would be too difficult to figure out which ones to keep and which ones to remove. It would be great if you could fix your list and relink. I’m sorry this is causing you so much more work, but we’d love to see all you’re reading. I hope you will relink.


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