2009: The Sunday Salon – The been-a-while Edition

I started writing this post on Wednesday, because if I try to put off all my thoughts until Sunday, it just never gets written!

Challenges update

Now that we’ve hit the mid-point of the year, I realized that I needed to weed out some of my challenges.  Here’s what’s going on with them:

Did not finishes

Unusually, I had a couple of books I didn’t finish recently.  It’s not very often that I give one up, but it’s getting easier and easier as my TBR pile grows.  The first book I didn’t finish was Jacob by Jacquelyn Frank. The ebook had been languishing on my phone for more than a couple of weeks, and I just wasn’t getting into it. It’s the first book in a series, but there’s a lot of stuff in the first couple of chapters that made me feel like I was missing a lot of back story. So, that’s one paranormal series I won’t be pursuing.

The second book I didn’t finish was Playing Dead by Allison Brennan.  I went into this book knowing it was the third of a trilogy and I would probably be missing some back story, so I tried to cut it a little more slack.  But Brennan just doesn’t work for me.  I find her leading ladies to be cold and unemotional and I just can’t connect with them.  I gave a very lukewarm review to the first in her Prey series, so I think this is my last shot at reading her.

Reading overload

Have I mentioned that I’m trying to read 6 or 7 books at the same time?  I think I’m really losing my mind.  I’ve got my regular 3 read rotation… book-phone-audio… but in addition to those I’m trying to squeeze in On Writing, Doomed Queens (I’m reading a couple of queens a night before bed), and The Ultimate Weight Loss Solution (yes, Dr. Phil).  Oh yeah, and Plot & Structure. It’s all a leeeeeeeeetle bit much.  I need fewer hobbies.

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