2018: #22 – The Maze (Catherine Coulter)

2018: #22 – The Maze (Catherine Coulter)The Maze by Catherine Coulter
Series: FBI #02
Published by Doubleday Books on November 1, 1997
Genres: romantic suspense
Pages: 768

Dillon Savich is head of the FBI Criminal Apprehension Unit (CAU), where he has developed predictive analogue programs to help catch serial killers. Lacey Sherlock is a qualified new agent, bright and eager. A vicious murder in Boston sends her off like a shot, lying to Savich. They must find who killed Sherlock's sister seven years before.

I remember not liking the first book in this series, perhaps to the point that I didn’t even finish it, but decided I’ve give this one a shot. This one is better than the first (I actually finished it), and is just good enough that I’ll read another book in the series. This is far from the best romantic suspense series out there — the romance builds a little too quickly with not enough chemistry between the two, there are a lot of inexplicably angry people in their lives, cases are solved as quickly as a one hour TV drama — but it scratched the itch for me.

Other reviews:

  • “The Maze was so much more better than The Cove! I really liked how the characters were etched and each was given enough importance in the book. I didn’t feel rushed at all. Plus it was nice not to be entirely focused on Sherlock’s family and the drama. The smattering of different cases are a very well placed distraction.”Occasional Musings n Ramblings
  • “Well, as I just typed 5,000 words to prove that your editor isn’t worth a goddamned dime, I just have to say: no shit, Sherlock.”That’s What She Read

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