2009: #86 – A Secret Rage (Charlaine Harris)

rage Book #86 was A Secret Rage by Charlaine Harris.  The back of the book reads:

Former New York City model Nickie Callahan is looking forward to the easy life when she moves to the sleepy college town of Knolls, Tennessee. But the women of Knolls are not safe. And as Nickie gets swept up in a string of brutally violent crimes, she must take matters of justice into her own hands.

This was one of Charlaine Harris’s first books, written before she began any of her series.  I thought it was pretty good. It’s the story of Nickie, a model who has reached the end of her career and is a little bit at odds about what she wants to do.  She ends up moving in with her best friend, back in the town where she spent her childhood in boarding school. Unfortunately, someone else has been showing up in town… a serial rapist. After Nickie herself is attacked in her own bedroom, she feels the need to conduct her own search for the rapist.  In most ways this book is a whodunnit, but it’s also about rape and how it affects not only the victim, but those around her.  This is definitely worth a read if you’re a Charlaine Harris fan.

Page count: 212 | Approximate word count: 63,600

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