2009: What's on Your Nightstand? – January

Nightstand I decided to join this meme this year, and am going to use it to talk about not only what I’m currently reading, but what’s up next!

My current bed-time reading is All Night Long by Jayne Ann Krentz.  This is the first JAK books I’ve read, though I’m pretty sure I’ve read one of hers written under a pseudonym. It’s a romantic suspense, and I’m quite enjoying it!  I’ll probably have it finished up either tonight or tomorrow night.

After that, it’ll be time to attack the review book pile again.  Next in my (entirely unscientifically ordered) list is Upbound by Peter Hassebroek, and then I’ll probably jump right into College Girl by Patricia Weitz.

I also need to knock out a few books for the Novel Ladies reading group that I’m in.  I like to read at least 2 of the 3 books each month, if I can.  The next books I’ll be reading for that will be The Death Dealer by Heather Graham and Tall, Dark & Texan by Jodi Thomas (if I can get copies of them from PBS fairly quickly).  Tall, Dark & Texan isn’t my usual sort of read, but we’re focusing on romance in honor of Valentine’s Day, and there’s nothing wrong with a good half-naked cowboy story every once in a while!

What’s on Your Nightstand is hosted over at 5 Minutes for Books.

2 thoughts on “2009: What's on Your Nightstand? – January

  • January 31, 2009 at 11:17 pm

    It was so nice to meet you today! We should try meeting for lunch one day during the week. Maybe we could meet monthly and discuss a book – a mini in person book club. Imagine that! 🙂


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