2010: #Readathon – 1st Check-in

Man, it’s already been a busy morning!  What hour are we in now? Four?

I managed to crawl out of bed around 8:30, but immediately had to shower and get ready.  Scott was offered a couple of free tickets to the game, so I needed to drop him off downtown (and pick up his buddy for the day and the tickets) before my haircut at 11.  It was tight, especially with Blacksburg football traffic.  I had to be creative in my choice of routes.

I did manage to fit in a little bit of reading in the 9:00 hour:

I got my hair cut and then went to get groceries, which gave me an opportunity to start a new audiobook: Don’t Look Down by Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer.  An interesting combination of authors, but so far, so good.  I was able to listen to an hour of it, between shopping and then coming home, taking care of the groceries, cleaning my kitchen, and making lunch (chicken/feta/spinach sausage and garlic couscous, if you’re curious).

Now, I’m finally able to sit on my couch with my lunch, laptop, books, and the Hokie game (which I’m starting from the beginning thanks to my DVR).  Since I just watched Central Michigan score on the opening drive, I’m afraid it’s going to be a long game. Whoops! Tyrod just ran all the way down the field for a touchdown, so things are lookin’ up!

I’m going to take some time to check out other people’s blogs now.  Thank you to everyone who’s commented this morning!

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