2011: #19 – The Raising (Laura Kasischke)

raising Book #19 was The Raising by Laura Kasischke. The back of the book reads:

Last year Godwin Honors Hall was draped in black. The university was mourning the loss of one of its own: Nicole Werner, a blond, beautiful, straight-A sorority sister tragically killed in a car accident that left her boyfriend, who was driving, remarkably—some say suspiciously—unscathed.

Although a year has passed, as winter begins and the nights darken, obsession with Nicole and her death reignites: She was so pretty. So sweet-tempered. So innocent. Too young to die.

Unless she didn’t.

Because rumor has it that she’s back.

The Raising was an incredibly well-crafted novel. Kasischke takes us by the hand and pulls us through, bouncing from the time before the accident, to after, without ever confusing the reader about "when" we are. The pacing in the latter half of the novel is exquisite, and she really takes to heart the advice "Never take the reader where they want to go."

Plot-wise, it’s difficult to not feel sorry for some of the characters. Particularly, Shelly and Mira, whose lives are irrevocably changed by an event that had nothing to do with them.  They were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. The students are conflicted and confused and a little bit crazy, just like real college students. The entire conspiracy is a bit far-fetched, but the story is told so well that it doesn’t really matter how well it holds together in the end.

Kasischke is a new author for me, and I definitely would pick her up again.

This book was a review copy.

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