2011: #66 – Last Girl Dancing (Holly Lisle)

lastgirlBook #66 was Last Girl Dancing by Holly Lisle. The back of the book reads:

Obsessed with discovering what happened to her missing sister, Atlanta detective Jess Brubraker is willing to disappear into a sordid night world to find the answer. But that means leading both herself and her lover into the most intimate and terrifying trap of all.

Lisle is better known as a science fiction novelist, but this foray into romantic suspense is quite successful. The premise, a detective going undercover as a stripper (and actually getting naked in the process), isn’t particularly believable, but when the other main character is a man who can read people through things they have touched, you’re already suspending disbelief. Ultimately, the characters were likeable and the mystery was decent (I didn’t guess whodunit until it was practically revealed). I’m not a huge sci-fi fan, but I would be interested in reading more of Lisle in this genre.

Page count: 311 (’11 total: 18,643) | Approximate word count: 77,750 (’11 total: 6,534,307)

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