2005: #35 – A Secret Splendor (Sandra Brown)

2005: #35 – A Secret Splendor (Sandra Brown)A Secret Splendor by Sandra Brown
Published by Mira (Mills and Boon) on January 1st 1996
Genres: contemporary romance
Pages: 256
Also by this author: Mean Streak, Love Is Murder

Grieving over the death of her son, Arden Gentry hopes to ease her heart by finding her second child, the product of a scandalous affair, despite the fact that she would also have to meet up with her ex-lover.

Yes, I’ve been reading a lot of books this week.

Book #35 was A Secret Splendor, by Sandra Brown.

Yes, it’s a romance. It’s even *gasp*, a Harlequin romance. I like to read these once in a while, if only in homage to my grandmother, who reads nothing but Harlequins with covers featuring Fabio look-a-likes dipping the beauty and planting a kiss between her voluptuous bosoms. Anyway, Sandra Brown has made it onto my acceptable list of romance authors, if only because her plots aren’t completely implausible. I had a little bit of an issue with them getting married 2 weeks after they met, but I’m not really looking for believability when I’m reading something published by Harlequin.

Book count: 35/50 — 70%
Pages in book: 297
Page count: 11,792/15,000 — 78.61%