2021: #15 – Tropical Attire Encouraged (Alison Rosen)

2021: #15 – Tropical Attire Encouraged (Alison Rosen)Tropical Attire Encouraged (and Other Phrases That Scare Me) by Alison Rosen
on March 7, 2018
Genres: non-fiction
Pages: 184

Alison Rosen, host of the immensely popular podcast "Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend," is ready to conquer the world of books in this collection of hilarious and unpredictable columns.
Alison wants to be living a fabulous life filled with myriad social engagements. She just also wants to not shower, put on a bra or leave the house. Plus, she dislikes dancing, the Fourth of July and costume parties that involve skimpy attire. Basically, if it’s fun, count her out, which is too bad, since she so desperately wants you to think she’s fun.
"Tropical Attire Encouraged” came to be on her birthday a few years ago, when her husband, Daniel Quantz, presented her with a hand-bound book of her columns from the first year she was syndicated. He worked late at his office to keep it a surprise. At the top of each one, he included a hand-drawn illustration. Daniel told her he made it because he wanted her to know he believed in her and felt she should be published in book form, and because one year, she gave him an over-the-cabinet-door organizer, and he wanted her to really know—like, on a visceral level—just how crappy her gift was in comparison. (He didn’t say this, but it was implied.)

As an indecisive control freak who’s always sure there’s something better around the corner, all my lesser qualities had come together at once to leave me paralyzed.

I’ve long been a fan of Alison Rosen and her podcasts, so this was a fun read for me. I’ve always found her to be really relatable. It’s particularly poignant to read this now that she’s in a much different place in her life (most/all of this was written before she got married).

I read this for the following reading challenges:

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